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Tillandsia butzii

The Reptilian Plant

  • Foliage: T. butzii is aptly named for its resemblance to a reptilian creature. Its long, curly leaves are green and sinuous, evoking the image of a reptile or a medusa. These leaves are covered in trichomes, adding to its unique and intriguing appearance.
  • Flower: During its bloom, T. butzii features a striking, tall inflorescence with vivid red or orange bracts, contrasting beautifully with its reptile-like foliage.
  • Temperature: Maintain temperatures between 50-80°F (10-27°C).
  • Watering: Mist or dunk 1-2 times a week to keep this distinctive plant in excellent condition.
  • Sunlight: Prefers indirect light with some direct sunlight exposure.