T. fuchsii

Comercial Name:  Argentea

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Comercial Name:  argentea

Tillandsia argentea grows as epiphyte in dry forested areas of Guatemala. It is composed of a bulbous base and thread-like blades that reach approx. 10 to 15 cm. in diameter. The thin leaves are covered by trichomes that give them a silvery green color. The inflorescence is elegant and simple, it flowers at the end of a long cherry-red stem into multiple cherry bottoms that burst into grape-purple flowers.


Argentum means “silver” in Latin. Argenteus is the Latin adjective that refers to what is derived from silver, “silvery”, like T. argentea leaves.








Plant Per Box
20″ x  15″ x  10″
Small                 4   –    5
Medium            6   –    7
Large                 8   –    9
XL                     10  –   12