T. caput-medusae

Comercial Name:  Caput Medusae

Category: Product ID: 352


Comercial Name:  Caput Medusae

Caput-medusae grow faster in humid habitats and can reach a height and width of 35 cm. The amount of sunlight that the plant receives plays an important role in the intensity of the color of the blooms that have the form of spikes. Tillandsia caput-medusae tolerates poor conditions but also responds well to good care, light and water. The leaves grow horizontally and roll up on themselves. Their colors vary from a velvety-silver to a lettuce-green and bright purple edges.


Caput means “head” and in Greek Μέδουσα means “guardian, protectress”. Medusae is a mythological monster, a Gorgon, described as a winged human female with snakes instead of hair.



Plant Per Box
20″ x  15″ x  10″
Small                 8    –   16
Medium           12   –   18
Large                16   –   22
XL                      20  –   26
Giant                 24  –   30