T. paucifolia

Comercial Name: Circinnata

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Comercial Name: Circinnata

The blades of T. paucifolia are more succulent, stiffer and straighter than other Tillandsia species. The color of T. paucifolia is normally lettuce-green and the leaves are covered with fine, closely appressed, cinereous trichomes. The inflorescence has a carmine-red color and, while flowering, the upper portion of the plant becomes rosy. This plant not only produces basitonal offsets, but also develops one or more pups from the inflorescences; its growth is slow but grateful and, with patience, in about two years, an amazing and original clump is formed.


Paucifolius is a combination of the noun pausi, which means “few”, and the adjective –folius, which means “leaved”. T. paucifolia is relatively few-leaved.








Plant Per Box
20″ x  15″ x  10″
Small                 8   –   10
Medium           12   –   14
Large                15   –   17
XL                      18   –   20
Giant                 21   –   24