T. fasciculata tricolor

Comercial Name:  Fasciculata

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Comercial Name:  Fasciculata tricolor

Tillandsia fasciculata tricolor grows epiphytically from sea level to 1,800 meters. The arrangement of its leaves develops in the form of a rose but with acuminate forms. The blades are stiff and will break if bended. T. fasciculata tricolor reaches about 100 cm. high and 80 cm. long with pointy edges, it often grows into a large specimen. The inflorescence is tall and erect and shows a shrimp-pink combined with a lighted-green and indigo corolas. When exposed to sunlight, the leaves will expand and turn from grey-green to a reddish purple.


Fasciculus is a Latin noun that means “bunch”. Fasciculatus is an adjective that designates what grows in bunches or bundles. The arrangement of the leaves make of Tillandsia fasciculata a living bouquet.






Plant Per Box
20″ x  15″ x  10″
Small                10   –   12
Medium           14   –   16
Large                18   –   20
XL                      22  –   24
Giant                 26  –   28