T. seleriana

Comercial Name:  Seleriana

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Comercial Name:  Seleriana

One of the most elegant Tillandsias varieties, it often reminds people of an artichoke. This species has a large pseudobulb, the base of the plant reaches about 15 cm. in diameter and 35 cm. tall without a bloom spike. Its blades are deeply channelled and involute, covered with trichomes. The blush of color, along with the velvety, silver trichomes, create a soft, pastel display of colors. Tillandsia seleriana has a rapid leaf transpiration: it need a lot of water combined with light and ventilation. If Tillandsia seleriana is in the shadow, it will grow well as long as it receives correspondingly less water. It is one of the slower growing species.


 seleriana was first named by C. Seler, who collected the plant and was the first to request identification.







Plant Per Box
20″ x  15″ x  10″
Small                12   –   16
Medium           16   –   18
Large                20   –   22
XL                      24   –   26
Giant                 28   –   30