T. capitata peach

Comercial Name:   Capitata Peach

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Comercial Name:   Capitata Peach

Tillandsia capitata grows as epiphyte, usually over rocks or tree trunks. It receives its name because, when flowering, the grayish-velvety leaves turn orange-peach. The leaves change colors, between green and orange, if exposed to the sun. It’s a semi-shade plant that can tolerate full sun if it receives enough moisture. The consistence of the leaves is resistant and at the same time they provide a soft and delicate look. The inflorescence grows from the center of the plant and goes from deep red to purple.


Capitate, from the Latin which means “which is arranged in chapters or glomeruli” making allusion to the flowers.



Plant Per Box
20″ x  15″ x  10″
Small                 8   –   10
Medium           12   –   14
Large                16   –   18
XL                     20   –   22