We are wholesalers and exporters of Tillandsias worldwide for over thirty years. Our commitment is to offer the best quality to generate long-term relationships of trust with our customers.

Ingrid Juárez Brenner

General Manager

Throughout thirty years we have cultivated the most beautiful varieties that fit the international market. We cultivate and reproduce Tillandsias from seeds and mother plants and are currently implementing new reproduction methods.

Marco Antonio Juárez

Social Manager

We are a solid company located in the highlands of Guatemala. We are committed to help and support the communities around our nurseries with schools, training, medical and dental clinics. Additionally, we are members of the association of private natural reserves of Guatemala (Asociación de Reservas Naturales Privadas de Guatemala® -ARNPG-)

Camila Fernández

Human Capital

Our team is conformed of highly qualified workers with experience in the management and cultivation of Tillandsias, bromeliads. At  EXPROGUASA, we are convinced that human capital is the difference; we are committed to quality employment, respect for gender equality and job stability.